Kueh LIPAS…!!!

Afiey : …Tea Break, Tea Break..Let’s have some Kueh!! 

Amoi Colleague:…Wahh, Ini Kueh LIPAS banyak sedap woo.!!

Afiey : … Kueh LIPAS!!!…Ada Lipas ka?? Manaaa?? 

Amoi Colleague :…Afiey, bukan ada Lipas laa…Ini Kueh kan, Kueh LIPAS *pointing to the Kueh!!

Afiey : …Owh, Kueh LEPAT laaa…*LOL….Ingat kan ada Lipas dalam itu Kueh….Adooii…hehehe ;-P


…An evening with “Amoi” …

After a hard day at work…we bought some Malays’ snacks and desserts (Kuehs) for our tea break. I have called out everyone to enjoy those Kuehs. While busy with all callings, my Amoi mentioned that she really like one Kueh and called it Kueh “LIPAS”…She mentioned it out loud and I was like half screamed asking where was the “LIPAS”…Yeah, that creepy ugly smelly creature, the “COCKROACH”…!!!
Then Amoi scolded me…It was not the COCKROACH as is “LIPAS” in Malay. She showed me the Kueh in her hand…It was Kueh LEPAT !! A kueh that made with glutinous rice flour with banana and some suger and such. Owh dear…It’s a Kueh “LEPAT ” my dear Amoi, not a Kueh “LIPAS”…!! ;-P

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