gelak sampai GULUNG GULUNG…!

Designer :..*Tengah buat lawak ! 

Amoi Colleague:..Eh you! Jangan la buat joke banyak banyak…nanti saya gelak sampai GULUNG GULUNG atas lantai, susah woh!

Designer : ..GULUNG GULUNG?…macam GULUNG itu tikar ka *Haha!

Amoi Colleague :..Kenapa gelak saya pulak!..I thot GULUNG GULUNG itu sama macam itu ROFL *Rolling On Floor Laughing!

Designer : ..Owh, Itu bukan GULUNG GULUNG la ‘moi..Itu GULING GULING..*Hahaha!

…Office hour …

One of designers told some jokes and all of us laugh like mad. Then our sweet Amoi told us off with a warning not to tell jokes because she can not take it and will laugh until “GULUNG GULUNG”!! Then, all of us stop laughing …and I asked her “GULUNG GULUNG” like “GULUNG” as is ” ROLL” a mattress ?? Then again Amoi started laughing again…and she told me that “GULUNG GULUNG” was like “ROFL” *Rolling On Floor Laughing!… We heard that and we all burst with laughter again then we told her…It was not “GULUNG GULUNG”…It’s “GULING GULING” !!!  …ROFL ;P

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