14th January 2013…my 5th BT Post Surgery Doctor’s check-up went quite okay…my Visual Field eye test seemed improving too. Despite all those, I am still unfit to start work and have been given another month to rest in addition of my 4 month’s medical-leave. But yeah!! Being me…AFiey the AFlame, AFire, eager and enthusiastic as always, decided to kick off my work on the dot of my 4th months medical-leave that falls on 16th January 2013 instead. I know it’s a risk but I took a chance as I feel it’s a need for me to get back into the groove, establish my self-confidence level and absorbing as much design updates activities in the market to gear up myself in phases until my actual work starting date.

Back to Work

Back to Work

 16th January 2013…I was one excited early bird, getting ready for the day. Put up my best, smart and casual office attire, some make-up on and perfume. Had a good healthy breakfast and yes…I am set to Rock’nRolla…!

Doing what I do best...

Doing what I do best…

Being in the office environment with my superb team, sketching some space planning, catching up with my Clients, visiting few of my completed Projects after a long break…kind of made me feel like…Well AFiey, you are so so back in action and so so ready to shake the world…*It’s Great to be Back!!…It has been a while though and Hey!…Doña Hermosa, Tranquilo…take it easy babe, nice and slow…!

AFiey is back in action!

AFiey is back in action!

2013…*Please be GOOD to me yeah…;-)

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