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Abah in Memory…

Abah in Memory…


My Beloved Abah – 15.01.1946 – 27.11.2016


Don’t’ you love Oxford Dictionary?

I remember how you force me to read it…
A thick book with loads tiny words…
Hate at first but when I started to read.
I thought it was a long beautiful poem about everything…
Amazingly, I love it !

I am a Kampung Girl from Pasir Mas.
A tiny village in Kelantan.
Native slang is our mother tongue
Plus a mixture dialect with the Siam
Speaking English is outlandish.

He bought me an Oxford Dictionary
And a New Straits Times newspaper daily

For me to read and learnt new words a day

Since then, I was called “Budak Putih” at school and the “Arrogant One” to some
It was fine and sometime, I talk to myself out loud…
And even act like “a Queen of England” in my own room.

Mama said I am out of my mind but Abah said it was fine
Always be the one to read the English poem on stage every school assembly
My English teacher loves me so much
She names her first daughter after my name…Norafiza
I was so young then and do not understand…

Time flies and have changed …
Now I know why and understand…

Thank you Abah…for making me a dictionary reader.
I read then and still do now and will do forever
It is priceless and it will be remembered
Shall pass to my kids and their kids after them

And shall continue with another finest piece of literature on earth…
The mother book of all… the nobel Al-Qur’an
With God blesses and wills…all shall be okay and all at ease.

I miss you Abah…Al-Fatehaa

Abah in Memory…
Peace be upon you…
Zakaria Hj.Abdul Hamid


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