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I am a rag doll with stitches in my head…;-)

I am a Rag Doll with Stitches in my Head…;-P

Hye all…I am back and feeling like a rag doll with stitches in my head…;-)

Today is my 3rd weeks of my post brain surgery and I am now in progress of recovering and resting at home, taking care by my beloved mother and under my Neurosurgeon’s medications and observation. I have to say….Thank you God Almighty for the miracle and giving me another chance to live my life again.

As usual, here’s an update of my journey before and after my battle…updated by my husband, two weeks ago, taken at Damansara Specialist Hospital (KPJ).

My date with destiny.. 17th~26th September 2012.

For those not in the know, I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour “Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomawith the size of a golf ball located right behind both my eyes and below my brain and is located as such, that I had lost 60~70% of my eyesight. The symptom includes vertigo as well as constant mild throbbing headaches. Upon realizing that I could not fully see things directly in front of me, I underwent MRI scanning on early June 2012, which heart breakingly revealed the full extent of the cause.

Thanks God, it was non-cancerous but having it affecting my eyesight, it still had to go. So, on 17th of September 2012,  I was admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital (KPJ) and on the 18th of September 2012 morning, after a 3 months period of soul searching and 2nd opinions, I finally did the surgery.

Calm…a night before the surgery…..

The evening on my first day in ward 313…I had to go trough few tests – a blood test and a chest x-ray. Then I had to let my wrist to be injected with few inches needle into my vein with exposed double cannulas for injecting drug in my vein. Gosh!! that process was the most painful process ever. The nurse got to do it three times as she can’t got it right at first, second and even the third time …both my hands were swollen like AF’fin crazy…!

Later at night before the operation, my Neurosurgeon , Datuk Dr. Zurin Adnan and my Anesthetists. Doctor Hilmi came visited and asked me how I was doing. Doctor Zurin even asked me a funny question – of what hairstyle I wanted to be shaved before he performed the surgery??….GI Jane, Vanilla-ice style, Rihanna style, flat top style etc…I giggled and I told him, let me think first and will let him know tomorrow morning before the surgery.

Partly GI Jane Style kay…

As I can’t take it any more with my swollen hands … I got to get Doctor Hilmi to do the forth time…Owh! I felt so much better….then only he asked for my consent and signature of few documents.  Last before they left my room, I remembered they told me to be calmed and to pray a lot and not to forget  to fast 12 hours before the surgery. Noted Docs !!!

The next morning, there were two nurses came to my room as early as 8am to prepare me for the surgery. They change my cloth to the surgical patient robe and asked me to lie down on another bed, which they will push the bed out of my ward room to the Surgery Theater. Before they push me out, I gave my my mother and husband hugs and kisses and they exchanged with words of support and love.

Reached the Surgery Theater…I was at the center of the cold and quiet room, my heart started pounding fast. Dr. Zurin and Dr Hilmi came to me and explain some procedures. Dr Zurin said my head will be shaved partly as requested by me and Dr hilmi will do the his part and I will feel nothing after that.

The surgery went well and was a success, the worst was over. I was resting in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after an 8 hours surgery. According the Dr Zurin, the procedure that I just went trough was Pterional Craniotomy Surgery, which  is a widely used technique in neurosurgery and along with its adjuncts allows access to the greater proportion of the anterior skull base and is an important bread and butter approach by all neurosurgeons for my case. And to Dr. Zurin,  I have to say Kudos Man…you managed to suck out 95% of the Tumour, which was incredible as only 70% was targeted due to the proximity of the growth to the Eye nerves. Dr. Zurin however took a bit of risk to achieve the feat as he somehow managed to bruise my right eye nerve in the process, resulting in total blindness to the right eye for quite a time.

I remembered half an hour after the surgery, I was fully awake and saw Dr Zurin holding a small red torch light in his right hand and move it slowly to check my eye’s pupils and calling my name. Stood up next to him were my brother and sister inlaw. I was so happy to see them and started talking to them none stop. Visitors, which most of them were my families kept changing…from my brother and sister inlaw, changed to my mother and my husband then my parent inlaw to my aunties and uncles.

Dr Zurin was very impressed with a positive improvements, so he instructed some nurses to move me to a High Dependency Units (HDU) the next day and  planned to remove some tubes out from my body, which quite a good signs.

2 days in HDU then I was relocated to a new ward room 383, which was quite a good standard single room near the nurse station counter. According to my doctor who came visiting me twice a day, nurses that came and checked on me….they said my room was the most happening room on my floor. Always full with visitors, gifts, flowers and foods. Dr Zurin was very impressed with the situation as he said it will helps me to recover faster if it is going to be like this. My brain needs to be stimulated after the surgery.

4th day after the surgery with my darling daughter….Ally ;)

On my last day in my 383 ward room with my superb Neurosurgeon Datuk Doctor Zurin Adnan and my beloved hubby…. ;-)

My guardian angel….Love ya hun…xoxo

As the right eye has since improved and increasing visual field to 60~70%. the left eye too has improved leaps & bounds with a visual field to nearly 100%. On 26th September 2012, I was scheduled to be discharged and thus ends what had became a personal roller coaster ride of emotions for me and family. Before all ended, again I have to go trough few tests to check whether I am fit to go home. I got to get both my eyes checked again, my brain needed to go trough the CT scan to check the fluid or any damages in the head and I have to clean and remove my bandages on my head and exposed my major stitches – approximately more than 180 stitches…in my head …Really! These were experiences that I wish to never had happened yet will not ever want to forget…!

My Chucky me….or a Rag Dolly me with Stitches in my head…;P

To those who follow updates through my Facebook via my husband’s status and pictures, which those came from his personal heart feeling…I am blessed to have him by my side, thank you love… and also my previous postings…Not to forget to my beloved families who came all the way from hometown to look after me …especially my mother….I love you mom…!.

I am now on Medical Leave for 3 months and resting at home hoping for a speedy recovery. I would love to take this opportunity to thank you to those who came to visit me when I was at the hospital…you really helped a lot in giving me strengths and to get better as soonest.

After all  these happened  to me, I am sure I will be a better and stronger me and will join and support as many organisations and causes of local Brain Tumour awareness campaigns and foundations as what I  have learnt that Brain Tumour is a common sickness globally but no awareness locally.

BT Buddies

Brain Tumour Buddies.…Yes!, I am a Survivor all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…count me in ;-))

I am Survivor….!

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