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this lease of life…

Exactly at this hour, 11.30pm on this date 17th September last year…I was lying in a hospital bed talking to my neurologist about my Pterional Craniotomy Surgery procedure on the next morning.

Gosh! I can’t believe that tomorrow is my ONE year anniversary of my brain surgery. Thank you GOD for granting me this lease of life…I am so blessed with all your unconditional Loves.

After endured an eight-hour brain surgery, 10 days hospital stay and 4 months hospitalization leave without complaint, I learnt and faced my days with confidence, hoping to be better, stronger and able to do more independently in whatever endeavors.

Yeah, it was such an eventful one year really and here I am now…feeling great as always.

Colors of AF

Colors of AF

   “…I cannot change my yesterday but I will make the most of my today and look with hope toward my tomorrow…”

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