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Tuesday Blues…

Tuesday Blues …the first day of the week after three days weekend break. What a relief to spend some quality time with my two important people in life, the King and Princess of my heart…*Priceless!

It is kind of complex as both husband and I were practicing ID together in the same firm. To some people, working together with your spouse is like a dream comes true otherwise it is a torture…*more toward “no freedom”, ”being watched” etc… Well, to be frank, it is all up to how you take it though. So far, both of us handled it well and in fact we enjoyed it…*smile

It was all started since our Uni. time. We used to be a course mate. Studied Interior Design for three solid years in the same studio, graduated then been offered to practice ID in the same design firm. That was our first working together experience in a span of two years then continued to the second firm, the in-house design firm of one local leading developer for another three more years. We’ve got married when we attached here, back in year 1996. It was all flowery in first and two years until when the financial crisis hit us in 1998, everything went chaos. Both our name were in the “Last In First Out”-LIFO principal for the Organization’s 70% Employee Retrenchment list. We have been asked to terminate or services with the company and of course with a good term…*A few months paycheque waiver compensation. The last minutes “LIFO” decision somehow affected my AF life, our life. We were out of job for more than half a year, practically lived with our waived money and even rolling our Bank’s Credit Card money to pay our bills and to survive…*Madness!

We were both struggled in juggling our life and commitments. But then, lucky me for having my parent’s in-law close-by and they were so great then and so great now easing our burden, in a way. Being a newlywed in the family, it was somehow a family’s “un-written law” that “wanting” a new daughter in-law to stay with them for a few years in order to know her better.  Proudly announced that I was successfully survived my 3 years there and it was a beautiful experience. I love them even more as they supported and helped us a lot in our tough time.

The agony was over when the crisis was slowly recovered. Thank GOD that I finally got a new job and it was one of the design consultant firms that involved in developing the new mega township, a new federal administrative centre of Malaysia…“Putrajaya”.  This time around we were no longer working together. He has a job in a developer company, which the scope of works was more on liaising with consultants. Since then, we work separately for almost 10 years!

Okay, let’s go back to the top, the actual subject….
…It is great to be back in action, side by side again after a while. We in fact announced it to the world (Yeah, in Facebook to be exact) that “The Dynamic Duo is now back in action”… It has been more than 2 years now we are in the business and so far, things look promising but we have to somehow work harder in order to compete with those “Big boys” in the market. It is tougher than I thought as we are now in a higher position, in other words…the higher position you are is the higher expectation you need to meet and the more time and commitments you need to fit and the more information you need to feed. Basically we have to sacrifice our precious time for work more than for yourself and family. Yeah I know, it sounds not right though, but reality bites.  I hope things will get better as the firm grows.

Both of us, my husband and I always try our very best to find time for our one and only daughter. We know and fully aware that having quality time with our precious is the utmost important…no compromises. Even though we work hard, we will make sure we play hard too. Working in this design line, time is always crucial. Sometime we have to be smart in handling it..It is complicated but handling smart will ease the tense. If we have to work over the weekend, we will ask her to follow us and she will never budge. In fact, she is happy to accompany us…doing her own stuff … her school’s works, reading, drawings and playing in between and never disturb us. She knows, we will spend time together at the end . Somehow she get the picture right….*Blessed.

My sweet child o mine Ally, our loved and our precious. I want you to know … Both Papa and Mama are doing this all for you (you know for sure). Such amazing kid you are, we are so proud having you and we love you very much indeed. Remember my sweet heart, where there are three of us, there is HOME…!

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