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Beginning is a new Ending

Achieving is a new Believing

Evolution is a new Resolution

Realization is a new Consideration

Accomplish is a new Practice

Objective is a new Perspective

Power is a new Endeavor

Starter is a new Surrender

May we all have a great 2013 Year…!

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Freedomination vs Freedepartion …

Freedomination vs Freedepartion

I just shared my serene moments in Sekeping Serendah with my close friends, my Hotstaz in my recent post. I have to say it again, it was a great outing and I had great time there.

As we all know, that place is in the forest, out of civilizations and coverage, no phone lines, no internet and not even a cable Tele…so in other words, I was cut from networks for almost 24 hours. I cannot check my calls, my mails, my FB updates, my Twitter tweets etc.

Few hours after I left the place… on the way back home, I got my phone line’s signal back. Without thinking so long, I logged in my FB and Iwas stunned to see my notification’s numbers. Huge numbers though!! I wondered what they are all about!

I went through one by one and mostly they were about the Hostaz’s Escape into the Wood event…pictures uploads, the likes, comments da da da…I giggled reading it until I saw one notification that struck me!!! The sad news about my beloved teacher,…Pn. Nor Bibi.

Owh my dear Lord…She passed away yesterday…on the same day I was with my friends enjoying the great time in the woods and she left us !!! I was so so sad with the news…no words can explain how I feel at that time…I just burst into tears!!

Pn. Nor Bibi was so dear to me. She is my teacher …not just an ordinary teacher, a great warm hearted teacher in fact. To me, she is more like a mother and I even called he “Ibu”…*a mother in Bahasa. She taught me and my friend when I was sixteen – seventeen years old, in a boarding schools- MRSM – Mara Juniour Sience School in Kelantan.

We were still in contact after I graduated from that school. Last I met her was during our 20th PPTL’90 alumni gathering last 2 years ago. She looked calm and cheerful as usual and we never knew that she was not well.
I just got to know she diagnosed with cancer recently and always followed up her daily notes and status in FB and she even more close to me when she knew that I am not well too. She gave me courages, strengths and always shared with me her words of wisdom. She even prays for my fast recovery…and yes, I do the same for her too. Together, we were and we are soldering and battling with our own war. Even though we are not seeing each other, she is always in my heart!

The thing that really touched me was… I was not able to visit her in the hospital when I went back hometown, 3 days for Eid ul Fitr celebration, where the hospital was recently. Time was so short and just nice for visiting my family and my cousin’s weeding.  3 days in paper but actual fact, it was only a day for me. Another 2 days was basically for travelling.

I know, she wanted to see me… me too in fact, but it was not meant to be. Forgive me my Lord, Forgive me Ibu…If only I wish I could turn back the time; I am surely will see you. But now, you have gone to a better place…in HIS good hands…I will keep praying for you and will always remember you. Thank you, Ibu for all your loves, thoughts and guidance. I love you and I will continue the battle and will never stop. May you Rest in Peace…Al Fateeha!

This is for you, Ibu…

In Good Hands…

In Good Hands…

In the hands of a gifted teacher
A classroom is a magical place
There’s a smile on each of us face

In the Hands of a Gifted Teacher
Creative Energy is everywhere
There’s a Catalyst who Genuinely Cares

In the Hands of a Gifted Teacher
Desire and Wonder is Awakened
The Educational Agenda is Shaken

In the Hands of a Gifted Teacher
Self-Management Skills are Modelled
The Best of Reality is Bottled

In the Hands of a Gifted Teacher
Our Talents are Refined
The Willed Future is Designed

In the Hands of a Gifted Teacher

Can groom every creation,

Can enhance every admiration,

The true inspiration,
Give us our right elevation,
Give us a chance to step in better generation,
With life is full of celebrations,
And now my gifted teacher has gone

To a better place to meet the ONE

After battled the fight with endurance and patience

Tolerates the pain with no complaints

 Will think about you day and night

Will pray for you as I go to bed

Thoughts of you are always in my head

May you rest in peace with HIS bless, exalts and consecrates…

Al Fateeha …Amin

…U.C / S.A / A.Z..

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…”What Good is Good, if you can always find Better…

What Better is Better, if you can always find the Best …

What Best is the Best, if you can always find more Good, Better & the Best…

because it’s never Enough & because you CAN!!”

because you CAN…!

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