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Insignias of Afiey…


Insignias of Afiey…

A life journal I have been contemplating all these years. My own personal long-awaited project is now officially Kick-Off…!!

I would not let blank pages intimidate me.

I shall begin with gripping and get going with it. Will show it and breathe life into it with colours, trivia, and details and guide you through to feel it…Will jog my memory by digging up my yesterdays, checking some of my worn diaries and vintage pictures…Will play detective, asking my close clans for reminiscences and nostalgias.

It will be purely me as perfectly imperfect, flawed and wonderful at the same time, simply human you will relate.

My prose probably is awkward, not right and not important enough. It might take days, months or years. Hope all is well and I will do it, keep writing until I get it just right!

In the name of GOD and with HIS willing…It begins with Blessed !!

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