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15 days to New Year 2012…!

15 days to New Year 2012! Almost a year I have been in here by I feel like yesterday…Gosh! Time flies.

2011 almost gone and I keep asking myself…What have I done and achieved for the year? Are all my resolutions for the year completed? What am I going to do if they are not concluded? Shall I renew them and carry forward to the coming New Year? What is going to be in my new list? Is it a longer list or lesser? What is my next year’s goal?…These queries somehow will always linger in my head at this time around and  I am sure most of you out there are having these same thinking at this moment right !

Okay, Well…It is a lie to say that I have completed all my resolutions for this year but at least I did most of them…*GOD Bless…

I will not list in here which and what my last year’s resolutions that I did not manage to complete though but I want to share my new goals for 2012!

1)      To have better control of my time management – Work, Life, Love

          – Play harder, work smarter and win design awards.

          –  Live healthier, happier and leaner.

          –  More Quality Time with my two CINTAs & Family

2)      To travel abroad…Australia or Europe

3)      To revamp Interior of my Crib.

4)      To “Hijra’” and do “Umra”…with HIS Bless !

5)      To have my own Mini Cooper S

I wish 2012 will be a better year ahead…Bring it ON…Yeah!!!

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3 in 1…

3 in 1, All in 1, All for 1…Whatchamacallit…I do not bother what people call but I call it “What a fruitful weekend”…!!! Even though it just a normal 2 days weekend, Saturday and Sunday but this time around was amazingly full with quality time activities. It was all started from the Friday night itself….

…6pm on the dot on Friday evening, we left office slightly early to beat highway traffic to pick up Ally our little precious from my parent in-law place. We managed to reach there after one and half hour struggling on the road…just in time before my parent in-law leaving to North for my cousin’s wedding function on the next day. The function was at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland on Saturday but they decided to travel on that night itself as we will start our journey the next day morning.

Three of us are set and ready to enter city centre for a superb show…STOMP’11, which held at Planetary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC. The show is on 8.30pm and we have one more hour to beat. It is Friday night and raining, I guess it is impossible to get there on time if we were driving down to the city so we took light rail transit, “LRT myRapid” instead. It took us slightly more than half an hour to reach KL Convention Centre, KLCC from Kelana Jaya, which we have to pass by 15 stations. Not a bad decision though as we managed to have our quick dinner just before the show.

STOMP’11 is a unique show, a piece of art theater created by musicians with no dialogue and melody but it is totally rhythmically based…Rhythm with movements with a touch of comedy…Interestingly, they used most all everyday objects that everybody can use, can find and can have a go at like a broom, a zippo lighters, an old news paper, an oil drum, a tin trash bin cover etc etc….just with a simple choreographed taps or clicks or claps or bangs…the amazing thing created… *Brilliant.

The show ended around 11pm. Husband and me were so glad that Ally had a great time there. I can see her continuous smiles from her face and nonstop talking about it, obviously she enjoyed the show and now eager to enrol to her drum class…*get to do that as soonest!

We took LRT back to Kelana Jaya and reached home around 12am. Done with the day and now it is time to pack up for the next day, a driving trip up to North for a cousin’s wedding in Cameron Highland. Alright you Highland people, be ready for us will ya !!

9.30am on bright shiny Saturday morning, we hit the road and heading up to the North using North South Expressway, to the highland. The traffic was okay, a lot of cars on the road but it was pretty smooth. We reached Tapah an hour later and took us another 1 ½ hours to reach Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, which is approximately 70km from Tapah. The road condition was kind of better than before as it had been upgraded few times but it can be still considered winding and narrow. Tapah Route to Cameron valley used to be known as one of the dangerous routes in fact it is still now. Some part of the journey though, you are actually practically “U” turn as the road is somewhat so dangerously like that. I guess optimum cautious, good driving skills with a safe car conditions will help you to have a safe journey there. Just need to be aware with nature disaster such as heavy rains, landslides etc.

Thanks God, we safely reached at the function location that was at Convent School’s hall on time, by noon. The weather was surprisingly beautiful with no rain at all and not so chilly as usual. While waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom, we looked for a shaded spot at the school’s main entrance … waiting for the rest of our family clan to gather.

Everyone gathered, the bride and groom were ready to be walked to the function hall basically all were good to go. With flowers and photos snapping from every angle, leading by the Bride and Groom and followed with families at the back, we all walked slowly to the hall on the ally trying to follow the rhythm of beautiful flute sounds that plays some sweet wedding numbers. Passing by few round guesses tables on both left and right with foods that have been served on it… cannot help myself enjoying the alluring aroma of the served foods though. All of us were drooling like crazy…Yeah! We knew it, it is time for food…*Ravenous

I must tell that the food was good…*maybe we all of us were so AF hungry then. The wedding function do was a success. It ended around 3pm and all of us were still there lingering in front the hall entrance, busy with photo snapping sessions. After few hugs and kisses with families, slowly we left the hall and heading to our next destination…Staying a night at one of our favourite getaway , The Bala’s Holiday Resort at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland…*Yay !!

Families decided to go back straight to Kuala Lumpur from the function instead so we asked them to pay a visit to The Bala’s as we were doing our registration. We want them to see and to feel the place like we see and we feel. We felt in love with the Bala’s since our first visit last 2 weeks ago. The tranquillity and serenity of the place had captured our heart…the strong historic ambiance feels of the guesthouse as a first boarding school for British colony in the Highland Valley way back in 1930’s is actually the beauty of this place… the design, the finishes, the structure, the landscape of the building still remain the same as original with a few upgrading works and good food at the in-house restaurant that claimed to serve the best scones in the Valley have placed the Bala’s as one of the must visit places in Cameron Highland.

The location of the Bala’s to Tanah Rata town approximately 2km, is an additional reason why we like this place so much. Tanah Rata town is where all the shops, restaurants are the most popular spot is Starbuck coffee, which most of our time we spent there. The weather is also a plus…sometime I feel like transported to another part of the world!

We have checked out from the Bala’s after a quick breakfast around 11am and heading to another must visit cool spot in the Valley, the Boh Visitor Centre at Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland.  We missed this spot when our last visit, where we ended up visiting Boh Plantation Center at Habu instead…*Confused

While heading to Sungai Palas, we stuck about an hour in a massive traffic at Brinchang town, which are few kilometres to the location. We almost to take U-turn to Tanah Rata but luckily the traffic started to move slowly. Finally we moved!!

To be to Sungai Palas is another challenge route. The road is extremely narrow and twistingly winding but with superbly sightings. The road is too narrow that only can fit one car and have to sound your horn whenever you need to take the corner to alert someone from the other way. The view is so spectacular that you do not mind to move a side to wait and give way for other car to pass.  Seriously I do not mind all those hitches when I reached the top, the Boh Visitor Centre. It is all worth it. The architectural of the centre is looking out-standing from the road leading to the spot as the design of the building is looks like a box that cantilevered out from the hill side. It is open ventilated space with all sustainable material and finishes. It’s one of the innovative designs by a local architect firm ZLG Design. The building was completed in July 2006 and had won few prestigious awards namely one of it… the International Barbara Cappochin Foundation Award 2007. 

I thought it was over for the day but NO…We have yet to attend another function back in Kuala Lumpur at 8.30pm. In order to be there on time, we have to get out from the highland latest by 4.30pm, which we did. We used Simpang Pulai route from Sungai Palas instead of Tapah route. It took longer hour but safer journey. The traffic was not so bad at first but heavy rains at the middle of the journey had kept us courteous. We reached Petaling Jaya around 7.30pm and diverted to the Curve mall to find a birthday gift for the 8.30pm function. It was actually my big brother in-law’s birthday dinner do at Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur.

We managed to reach Lake Club but a little bit late. Everybody was there, foods were served but luckily we can still have some as they were not fully finished. Just nice actually, we ate, we drank, we chat and we sang a birthday song…enjoyed the Hagen Daz  ice cream cake, gave birthday gifts, photo momentous and the highlight of the night somehow was actually for all daughter in-laws in the family. All three of us received a surprise gift from our beloved mother in-law…a gift from Barcelona. It was a box of jewellery set with a dressing watch. Thank you Mama, we love you…! Yeah, there goes my weekend, it was finally over….Fuuuuhhh !!…*What a Weekend!!

From Planetary Hall, KL Convention Centre, KLCC to Tanah Rata and Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland and back to Kuala Lumpur, Lake Club for a family get together all trough out the weekend were kind of “Awesome”.

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