AF What

…I am not a professional writer but I am a believer and a professional Interior Designer. Admire beautiful things and observe every single details of it. Appreciate Life and believe in Love. A five balls juggler…which being a carrier woman and a wife and a mother at the same time… in a demanding profession in a fast growing metropolitan city in this crazy wide world is very-very tough. Sometime I flew up high sometime I fell down in the drain…but hell yeah!… I learnt and I grew with it…

That is my World…”The AF World” and what in it are my Words…”The AF Word”…

Can’t get enough of me…do peep in AF Blogroll  to check out my other blogs…see you there..;)



2 thoughts on “AF What

  1. Rose Noah says:

    my beautiful and gorgeous cousin,
    u really got hidden talent in you..really proud of you..wanna see you success in whatever
    things u do..oooo!!.. we are in the same roof anyway.. heee..luv ya..:)

    • Hye back at you my darl cuz…
      Thank you and it’s so sweet of you…same goes to you tho, may this 2013 will bring more success to us all…Luv ya too…xoxo
      p.s…so sorry for long delayed reply…*facepalm

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