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I suka dia punya OUT-C*MING…!

Amoi Colleague: Owh, Saya sangat suka dia punya OUT-COMING !

Afiey : OUT-COMING?…*qulp !!

Amoi Colleague : Yeah! Sungguh colourful !

Afiey: Sungguh colourful huh? *gulp…Macam mana u tahu? Dia makan apa, sampai coloruful? *giggle ;-P

Amoi Colleague : Affieeyy!! u suungguuhh nakal laa…bukan itu OUT-C*MING! Dia punya DESIGN laa !

Afiey: Owh, design OUTCOMES kaaa…ingat kan OUT-COMING apa laa tadi…hahaha ;-D


…at work place with “Amoi” …

My Amoi friend mentioned something really…raised eyebrows stuff. She was admiring one male designer and told us that she like his “OUT-COMING”!! I was like…”Gulp!!”..Then she added.”It’s very colorful”…and I was like …double “Gulps”!! and asked her how did she knows that and what have that guy eaten ? as she knows the “OUT COMING”…”OUT CUMING” ???

Then she screamed at me…It’s not that OUT CUM-CUMing?? She meant his Design works…So, It’s his design works OUTCOMES…Now, I Know…! *wink wink  ;-P

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Afiey : ...Kalau makanan tu sedap, u cakap apa ‘moi ??

Amoi Colleague:…SANGAT sedap ! ;-)

Afiey : …Kalau terlalu sedap ?? 

Amoi Colleague :…hmmm…SUNGGUH sedap maaa ! ;-))

Afiey:…Ok, kalau terlalu-terlalu sedap pulak ??

Amoi Colleague :…SUUNNNGGGGUUUUUUH sedap laaaaa…hehehe ;-D

Afiey:…hahaha ;-D

…Lunch time with “Amoi” …

As usual a lunch time at Mamak’s restaurant while waiting for our food, I asked Amoi about what she like and like the most.

The question was…If she like LIKE the food, what will she call? She answered…”SANGAT” sedap as is “VERY GOOD” !

Then I asked again..If she LOVE the food, what will she call? She answered…”SUNGGUH” sedap as is “VERY VERY GOOD” !!
Then I asked again…If she really really LOVE the food so much, what will she call? She answered…”SUUNGGGGGGUUUUUH” sedap as is “VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD” !!

They sounded all the same though with a little tweak in intonation…We both laugh non stop…”SUUNGGGGGGGUUUUH” Funny…hahaha ;-P

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gelak sampai GULUNG GULUNG…!

Designer :..*Tengah buat lawak ! 

Amoi Colleague:..Eh you! Jangan la buat joke banyak banyak…nanti saya gelak sampai GULUNG GULUNG atas lantai, susah woh!

Designer : ..GULUNG GULUNG?…macam GULUNG itu tikar ka *Haha!

Amoi Colleague :..Kenapa gelak saya pulak!..I thot GULUNG GULUNG itu sama macam itu ROFL *Rolling On Floor Laughing!

Designer : ..Owh, Itu bukan GULUNG GULUNG la ‘moi..Itu GULING GULING..*Hahaha!

…Office hour …

One of designers told some jokes and all of us laugh like mad. Then our sweet Amoi told us off with a warning not to tell jokes because she can not take it and will laugh until “GULUNG GULUNG”!! Then, all of us stop laughing …and I asked her “GULUNG GULUNG” like “GULUNG” as is ” ROLL” a mattress ?? Then again Amoi started laughing again…and she told me that “GULUNG GULUNG” was like “ROFL” *Rolling On Floor Laughing!… We heard that and we all burst with laughter again then we told her…It was not “GULUNG GULUNG”…It’s “GULING GULING” !!!  …ROFL ;P

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Kueh LIPAS…!!!

Afiey : …Tea Break, Tea Break..Let’s have some Kueh!! 

Amoi Colleague:…Wahh, Ini Kueh LIPAS banyak sedap woo.!!

Afiey : … Kueh LIPAS!!!…Ada Lipas ka?? Manaaa?? 

Amoi Colleague :…Afiey, bukan ada Lipas laa…Ini Kueh kan, Kueh LIPAS *pointing to the Kueh!!

Afiey : …Owh, Kueh LEPAT laaa…*LOL….Ingat kan ada Lipas dalam itu Kueh….Adooii…hehehe ;-P


…An evening with “Amoi” …

After a hard day at work…we bought some Malays’ snacks and desserts (Kuehs) for our tea break. I have called out everyone to enjoy those Kuehs. While busy with all callings, my Amoi mentioned that she really like one Kueh and called it Kueh “LIPAS”…She mentioned it out loud and I was like half screamed asking where was the “LIPAS”…Yeah, that creepy ugly smelly creature, the “COCKROACH”…!!!
Then Amoi scolded me…It was not the COCKROACH as is “LIPAS” in Malay. She showed me the Kueh in her hand…It was Kueh LEPAT !! A kueh that made with glutinous rice flour with banana and some suger and such. Owh dear…It’s a Kueh “LEPAT ” my dear Amoi, not a Kueh “LIPAS”…!! ;-P

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nanti kena itu “COCO PIE”…!

My Amoi Colleague is on leave today.. but, I would like to share a funny incident at one of my construction site ;-)

Contractor:..Talak bole hack …nanti kena itu “COCO PIE” !

Designer:..CHOCO PIE sedap aper?..

Contractor:..Apa yang sedap? Ini COCO PIE kalu picah, abis wooo…*sambil tunjuk kat batang paip dalam dinding…;-P

Designer:..Owhh!! Ini COPPER PIPE kaaa…ingat kan CHOCO PIE biskut tu…hehehe ;-P


…checking work at site and looking at the half broken brick wall …

I asked a tiler…an old  Chinese sifu’… why we can not hack the wall to install new tiles? Then he told me, if we do that it will hit the “COCO PIE” !!! I was like…what the AF was that??? “COCO PIE” ??? Like a chocolate biscuit in the tele’s ads is it?? Then he laughs at me and showed to me what was that actually…He pointed to a pipe in the brick wall, then only I get it. It was a “COPPER PIPE” …not a “COCO PIE” …must be I was so damn hungry!!! …Both of us Laugh like crazy…LOLz..:P

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Orang Bisu & BENGKAK …apa dia punya special ??

Afiey : … Sometime, a disable person ni ada speciality dia tau!

Amoi Colleague :…Ya meeh!!..Kalau itu orang Bisu & BENGKAK …apa dia punya special??

Afiey : … BENGKAK?…Orang Bisu & Bengkak yang macamana tu??

Amoi Colleague :…Ala, itu Bisu tak Bole Cakap punya…BENGKAK tu yang tak bole Dengar laa kan…!

Afiey : ...Owh, Bisu & PEKAK kaa…*Deft –Mute….Ingat kan Bengkak apa laa pulak….hehehe ;-P

…Break time with “Amoi” …

We had lunch at one of famous cafes in Solaris Mont Kiara. As usual while waiting for our food, we talked about life and stuff. Suddenly there was a guy walking with a crutch passing by and captured our eyes. We do not want to be rude but we can’t help ourselves looking at him. All of sudden, we talked about disable person and why they are special. I was kind of wondered when Amoi asked about what specialties of a person that is Bisu as is Dumb & “BENGKAK”??…hang on…”BENGKAK” as is ” SWELL” or “ENGORGE” ??? I was not so sure what she meant with that though so I asked. Then she explained that “BENGKAK” to her is actually the person who cannot hear. Only then I know what she meant by “BENGKAK”. It was actually “PEKAK” as is “DEFT” in English !! So, It is Deft &  Dumb or Deft Mute…! Duuhhhh… ;P

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