nanti kena itu “COCO PIE”…!

My Amoi Colleague is on leave today.. but, I would like to share a funny incident at one of my construction site ;-)

Contractor:..Talak bole hack …nanti kena itu “COCO PIE” !

Designer:..CHOCO PIE sedap aper?..

Contractor:..Apa yang sedap? Ini COCO PIE kalu picah, abis wooo…*sambil tunjuk kat batang paip dalam dinding…;-P

Designer:..Owhh!! Ini COPPER PIPE kaaa…ingat kan CHOCO PIE biskut tu…hehehe ;-P


…checking work at site and looking at the half broken brick wall …

I asked a tiler…an old  Chinese sifu’… why we can not hack the wall to install new tiles? Then he told me, if we do that it will hit the “COCO PIE” !!! I was like…what the AF was that??? “COCO PIE” ??? Like a chocolate biscuit in the tele’s ads is it?? Then he laughs at me and showed to me what was that actually…He pointed to a pipe in the brick wall, then only I get it. It was a “COPPER PIPE” …not a “COCO PIE” …must be I was so damn hungry!!! …Both of us Laugh like crazy…LOLz..:P

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