Happy 41th Birthday my CINTA (LOVE)

My CINTAs...as in LOVE

My CINTAs…as in LOVE

My Partner my Lover, he is now forty one
Gotta reach up for a kiss cuz he ain’t no shorty man
He’s tall, he’s dark and he’s handsome too
Don’t try to clock him cuz he said I do
I do already to a girl – like 16 years back
I do already to a girl – that’s me, his sweetheart

Doesn’t matter if you feel and looking good

Better than you should

For a guy whose turning 41 from the four Zero

Still Hot as a Volcano…Kickin ass like Theo

Still Hard like Armadillo…Yummy like Cocoa

Still Flexible like Playdoh…Smooth Spicy like Aglio Olio

Even at 41 he looks so young

35 year olds folks still call him son

Mistakenly think him as a Uni Student sometime

Well baby, Praise to HIM …it’s a great compliment.

Wishing you many happy days

Of being great in so many ways

Happy happy forty one, may more to come

Keeps it going till the break of dawn

So never change baby, just stay as you are

Your heart, your way, your repertoire

Here in Kay Jay, Kay Ell and everywhere

Wherever you go
You should always know
I love you so and GOD loves you more
As much as air and as crystal clear as H2O

Happy 41th Birthday, love.

 Yours truely

Afiey – 31.12.12

…Inspired by lmrs

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