Never Give Up Hope…

After few doctor’s visits, 30 days of Fast, Pray and Love and a few weeks of Eid celebrations…I am really busy occupying myself with design works, keeping up with families and friends, supporting my dear Ally with her dance routine for her dance concert soon and not to mentioned…praying hard to the Almighty HIM for fastest recovery….Psyched up myself to face my most fear, the Biopsy Surgery !!

Besides, I am glad and blessed that I am still able to see things even though it’s a bit vague and blurry, do some house works and design works, space planning, proposals, conceptual, development etc for the firm. It just sweet though, everything went smoothly like it’s planned perfectly and fit like a glove. After all my hard work during my “waiting for the day” period, the victory entered just nice as we were successfully won 2 huge jobs *the one that I have work on…These two will keep us busy until early next year so no more design proposals for 3 months I guess. Cool !! What a  perfect timing for me to undergo my procedure in peace. Personally I am happy with what I have done, securing those 2 big important jobs during my condition and of course I could not do it without my superb team, the Red Box armies…Well done guys, you are the Stars !!!

 My last doctor’s appointment on 14th August 2012 went quite well. Nothing major check up though, just discussing in detail about the procedures, the preparations, the risks and the do and don’t. Tentatively we have set up an appointment on the procedure about a month from the day.

 At the same time, I did some reading about the surgery procedures and some do advise me to prepare a checklist of questioners to ask the neurosurgeon before I decide to proceed with it. A Brain Surgery to be exact is not a tiny winy thingy though. It;s better to be sure yourself before anything goes haywire.

 Under no circumstances should anyone who is in need of brain surgery, first and foremost rule is never visit a neurosurgeon office alone. Bring a family member or close friend. You are already frightened beyond belief and in that state of mind may not be able to comprehend the information being given you. The person who accompanies you will be able to recall what was said and relay the information to you. This is the most frightening time of your life, reach out for all the support you can. In this situation though, I was lucky to have my husband, who is always by side…comes what may…*blessed – Thank you hun, I love you !!

For awareness sakes, I would like sharing here a list of questioners that I have prepared to ask my neurosurgeon and what to expect after the surgery…

 Questions to ask the neurosurgeon

  • Number of arteriovenous malformation and brain aneurysm surgeries they have performed?
  • Success rate?
  • Predicted length of actual surgery?
  • Details of surgical procedure (ie., embolization, craniotomy, metal clips)?
  • Recovery time expectations?
  • Anticipated length of hospital stay?
  • If craniotomy; staples or absorbable stitches?
  • Type of incision ( straight, zig-zag)?
  • Location of incision?
  • Recommended units of blood for transfusion?
  • Will they shave the head?
  • Recommendations for screening of family members for brain aneurysm?
  • Date of surgical procedure?
  • Potential complications?
  • Di I need to fast before the procedure?

What to expect after surgery

  • Headaches
  • Itching Medications
  • Fatique
  • Short term memory loss
  • Depression and anger
  • Transfer to a rehabilitation center
  • Fear
  • Numbness at the incision site
  • Dizziness
  • Recovery 

Despite of many opinions…do not do this and that…I will be like this and like that…Well, I just believe in HIM and leave everything to HIS good hand…and again, one thing for sure…I will never give up hope!






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