30 Days of Fast, Pray & Love

Day 1

Make my fasts the fasts of those who fast sincerely,

Make my prayers of those who pray obediently,

Awaken me from the sleep of the heedless, and forgive my sins dearly,

by Your power, the Lord the Majesty…

Day 2

Take me closer to Your pleasure,

Keep me away from Your anger,

by Your mercy, the Merciful the Subduer…

Day 3

Grant me wisdom and awareness,

Keep me away from imprudence and foolishness,

by Your generosity, the Generous the Greatness…

Day 4

Strengthen me in carrying out Your commands,

Savour me the sweetness of Your remembrance,

by Your graciousness, the Most Compassionate, the Beneficent…

Day 5

Place me among Your obedient servants,

Place me among Your close friends,

by Your kindness, the Granter the Accepter of Repentance…

Day 6

Forbid me abase myself by incurring Your disobedience,

keep me away from the causes of Your annoyance,

by and Your power, the Ultimate the Omnipotent…

Day 7

Help me with its fasts and prayers,

Keep me away from mistakes and errors,

by Your assistance, the Guide the Protector…

Day 8

Let me have mercy to the unfortunates and ill-fated

Let me spread peace, and keep company with the noble-minded,

by Your shelter, the Giver the Most-Exalted….

Day 9

Share me Your generous mercies,

Lead me to Your all encompassing harmonies,

by Your care, the Most Holy the Creator of the whole galaxies…

Day 10

Make me rely on You to be better,

and be near You by Your Favour,

by Your errand,  the Enricher the Afflicter…

Day 11

Make me Love Goodness and Loathe Badness,

by Your bless, the Wise the Witness

Bar me from Anger and from the Fire

by Your help, Almighty the Helper

Day 12

Beautify me to Modesty,

Adhere me to Equality,

Keep me to Safety,

by Your protection, the Protector, the Almighty.

Day 13

Purify me from Filth. Sanctify me from Angst

Grant me the Righteous and ability to be Pious

by Your help, the Beloved the Enormous…

Day 14

Help me if I Slip, Minimize my Blunder

Evade me from Conflicts and any Troubles

by Your honour , the ONE the Preventer…

Day 15

Grant me the obedience of the humble

Expand my chest through the repentance of the humble,

by Your concern, the Gentle the Admirable…

 Day 16

Attune me with goodness,

Avoid me from evilness,

by Your mercy, the Majestic the Greatness…

Day 17

Awaken me with the morning blessings,

Illuminate me with its rays shining,

by Your light, the Illuminator the Loving…

Day 18

Lead me towards virtuous actions,

Direct me towards right decisions

by Your guide, the All-Knowing the All-Sufficient…

Day 19

Multiply me its sanctions,

Ease my path towards its remunerations,

by Your consent, the Merciful the Beneficent

Day 20

Open me Your doors of Heavens,

Locked me out Your doors of Hell,

by Your gesture,  The Omnipotent The Able…

Day 21

Show me how to win Your pleasure,

Forbid wickedness to take me over,

Make Paradise my palace forever,

by Your will, The Granter the Bestower…

Day 22

Lead me the way of Your grace,

Give me comforts in Your embrace,

by Your kindness, the Merciful the All-Praised…

Day 23

Wash away my sins, purify my defects,

Observe my feeling with the piety of the hearts,

by Your sympathy, the Forgiver the Most Dignified…

Day 24

I ask You for what pleases You and refuge in You from what displeases You,

I ask You to give me the chance to obey You and not disobey You,

by Your generosity, the Merciful the One and Only You……

Day 25

Make me love Your friends and hate Your challengers,

Make me following the way of Your last Messenger,

by Your affection, the Forgiver the Protector…

Day 26

Make my efforts appreciated, my sins forgiven,

Make my performances accepted, my flaws gone

by Your able, the Competent the Proficient…

Day 27

Grant me the blessings of Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power,

Change my affairs from difficult to easy and simple,

Accept my apologies and decrease my troubles,

By Your Compassionate, the Just the Equitable….

Day 28

Grant me a share in its nawafil,

Honour me by attending to all my issues and my feels,

by Your thought,  the Clement the Ideal…

Day 29

Cover me with Your compassion,

Grant me in its success and protection,

Purify my heart from the darkness of false accusation,

by Your defence, the Protector the Most Prudence….

Day 30

Ramadan is almost over, will miss it that’s for sure,
Hope to meet again next year, to do better,
May my fasts worthy of appreciation with Your pleasure,
According to what pleases You, and pleases the Messenger,
Praise be to You, the Lord the Originator,
Will love You forever and after…

Selamat Hari Raya….;-)

Its always 30 days but this time its actually 29 days…;-)

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