Paradigm Shift…the Hijra

12th June 2012…

Early start of the day…had a warm shower, got ready and had a simple breakfast with my hubby. I am still on my medical leave and he has to take an emergency leave as he will be my ride of the day…;-))

Well, today we will be heading south to a place that practicing alternative treatment, which I think is primarily spiritual, faith-healing and prayers for the sickness – The Islamic treatment,  Darussyifa’.

Listen to your Heart

Cannot help myself but my heart is calling and I am listening…I know some people will say, why on earth do I have to waste my precious AF time to go there which I have already knew the answer and how to solve it. Yeah! True it is but sometime you have to aware of your feelings and let them guide you. Your feelings are there for a reason, so what I do is try to understand them, rather than try to suppress them.

Often we tend to make decisions based on what our logic tells us to do. But not everything in life is logical, and so to listen to your heart is about listening to your needs. When you feel something in your heart, there is always a message there. Sometimes this is in the form of a gut feeling or a hunch. So by listening to your heart can be most important when you need to make important life decisions where logic is not the issue, but where your own happiness and future are at stake.

In this case, I am listening to my heart and I know by going to that place…I will find something and I will feel much much better.


I reached there…a bungalow house located on a small hilly site facing the “surau”,  a small beautiful mosque. There were lots of cars parked by the road side in front of the bungalow…we walked in and saw so many people waiting at the lobby. I guess they must be walk-in patients. I was considered lucky though as I managed to speak with one “Ustaz” before I come and he set an appointment for me. So, cut all those hassles straight away we have been ushered inside to a treatment room.

It is a small room, just nice to fit 4 people actually but there are 3 chairs in there with one side cabinet, fully carpeted and quite chilly. I went in with my hubby. Sitting inside is the “Uztaz”, I belive that was the man I spoke on the phone and set the appointment before. He is “Ustaz”Asri, a decent old man in white cloth and white turban. He is actually the apprentice of the famous local “Ustaz”, which known as Y.Bhg Tuan Guru Dato’ Dr. Haron Din.

The procedure was pretty quick and simple and pretty alleviate too. Ustaz Asri just simply asked my full name and my mother’s name and what I am diagnosing with. He wrote them on a piece of paper in Arabic then he asked my hubby’s permission to touch the top of my head and recites some Quranic verses and Du’as *prayer of supplications. This is when I mentioned earlier that I felt alleviated. The verses and prayers somehow sounded so beautiful and I can feel a soft force of energy passing through my entire body…no words can explain that feeling but it was so overwhelming until I felt tears coming out from my left eye…a happy tears I must say…*Blessed

He continues his prayer of supplications and blessed the water in the bottle.We had a little chat and ended with an instruction for me to drink the blessed water *water that had been “ruqyah”, five times a day after recite few specific Quranic verses. The water can be refilled simply by adding drinking water as it is finishing. That’s It!

The overall experience at Darussyifa’ has changed my view about life. Now I learn that life is NOT just about WORK and LIFESTYLE. It is NOT just get up in the morning and go to work…work your AF ass off until late night, everyday every seconds, twenty-four seven. Work ’till you drop, which is what exactly happened to me. I took it for granted and lightly. I ignored my health and other important things in life as life is actually more than that.

5 balls juggler

Life is like juggling 5 balls, 1 of them is WORK that is always a rubber ball. It will surely bounce back if it drops. Another 4 of them are FAMILY, FRIENDS, HEALTH and SPIRIT. These 4 are always in glass balls, which once drop it shattered and never be the same. I feel I am not a great juggler as I was and I am only juggle the one rubber ball and keeping still the other 4 balls.

Life Changing

This overwhelmed visit really was an eye opener. Somehow, I realized I have been given another chance in life to change what is NOT right before it is too late. I realized that the capital HIM loves me so much by granted me this TEST for me to face it and solve it for the betterment. I realized it was actually a SIGN for me to STOP whatever I practice and START new all over again…O my Lord!! I have been touched by YOU…Thank you for showing me all these…Thank you indeed !

This is IT…It is a call for me to love HIM more… It is a new beginning of a NEW chapter in my LIFE…It is my Paradigm Shift…It is my Hijra…May HE shows me the light and leads me the way…! *Blessed

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