Wassup Doc…?

11th June 2012…

Wassup Doc?… Meet up with you again Dr. Zurin…! That’s my 4th check up on my progress and to discuss further on my treatment plan.

I went to KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital first thing in the morning hoping to meet Dr. Zurin early but I was wrong! There were 5 patients before me and I have to wait for my turn. On my waiting momentous, I met a few patients and have a great chat with them…so inspiring. It’s good to know that I was not alone and in fact, some of them suffered far worse than me. I feel so blessed and touched and my heart ticked again…what happened to me was not so bad after all…It’s just a little test from the capital HIM and I believe HE must loves me…*Bless

I heard my name was called *finally…after waited for about two hours. At first thought, I was going to be examined but it was just a casual discussion. I guess this session was more like to know each other better…kind of like building the trust and a comfort level. So far, Dr. Zurin gave me good impressions. I feel comfortable talking to him and sharing my point of thoughts. I would like to hold the procedure as I want to try alternative treatments and continue my medications. He respected my decision and understood and he somehow extended my medication. At the same time, he wanted me to do a lot of research on the Brain Tumour and understand it before I make up my mind. He set up my next appointment, which is on 25th June 2012.

After all, I’ve learned from my brother in-law that Dr. Zurin is actually my brother in-law’s close friend’s elder brother and he has a close connection with my hometown, the land of beauty and culture – Pasir Mas, Kelantan. At least, there’s chemistry right there… Great to know and what a relief!

So, 2 weeks period before the next check up…Lots to do, prepare and plan, I guess!!

Plan the Plan

First, I have to sort my financial plan and next will be my logistic plan and then will be my overall plan. I really feel a need to chill out somewhere to plan those plans.

Departure Lounge, Uptown

Departure Lounge was perfect, a cool eating spot with good food and good ambiance. We decided to settle my afternoon there and to make it a perfect one, I received a phone call from a friend and they happened to be around the corner and decided to drop by to make it merrier…;-))

Awesome Friends…;)

Friend in need is a friend indeed!! It was great talking to someone I know and shared my story a bit. At lease, we can bounce some ideas and true enough, they gave us some information on how to sort the financial part…Thank you guys, Syai’ and Fiyah. You are the star !! *Awesome

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