Life must go on…Ally & Contract…!

Between days of my new condition discovery and my few coming doctor’s appointments…I have to stay positive and tying my very best to move forward. I will not let this thing hold me back especially my darling daughter’s happiness…Life must go on…!!

9th June 2012…

Ally has her Saturday dance class as usual but this time around, we were informed that Ally has been selected to join the Company’s dance group!! Awesome!!…That’s what Ally is aiming for – to be in the group…! Cant’s wait to tell her the great news after her class…;-)) *Excited !

Ally arching her way to the dance contract…;-)

“Ally…You’ve made it!…You are in the group!!!” What I heard from her was…”Really!!!…Yes Yes YEEESSSS !!!” Owh, how I love to see her smile and happy like that….*Bless!

Congrats my darling princess Ally in successfully winning a spot in the dance company.
I’ve never even HEARD of the word contract when I was your age and here you are signing contracts and making a career at only 10…We are so proud of you darling :)

Ally love to dance since she was 5. We never taught that she can dance not just dance the dance though…I mean really dance well. I realized when she started move her head and body to the beat of a song when she was still a baby. At first I thought that’s normal baby’s behaviour, so I just love watching her doing that.

One day, when she was 5, her kindergarten’s teacher informed me that she will be performing for the graduation show. I was thinking, yeah okay, it will be like a typical kiddies show…sing some kiddies songs…Baba Black Sheep or Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. So okay, that’s easy. Ally will enjoy it for sure.

On the show day, me and husband went there with no expectation. Ally as usual, has dolled up to the max. There you go…shows after shows, from kids year 3, then year 4…then I heard an announcement “it’s now, we present you a special dance performance from year 5 for the song “The Button by Pussycat Doll”…Then I saw Ally came out from the side curtain…swinging her small cute hips and standing at the centre of the big stage. Then came a cute boy walked toward her in a beat. Gosh! Ally has a dance partner!!…How sweet! Then, more cute couples came out and danced behind their back.

When the song hit the chorus part the dance moves got hotter and truly, I was so amazed. She danced like a pro, completely with the beat and flawless. The whole crowd in the hall were cheering at them and yeah! They had the biggest applause of the day!

Finally, the show was over and I went to get her to go home…I can see happiness from her face and she asked me…”How was it mama?”…I gave her a big hugs and kissed on her cheek…”You did great love…I didn’t know you can dance very well !!!” All teachers and other parent came to us, congratulated us and kept saying that Ally has a bright future in dancing….”She can really move, you should send her to a dance class” *Happy n Proud!!

So, yeah!! I took that advice and here we are…Ally is now officially sealed a year contract with “Sole to soul Dance Studio”

Sole to Soul Dance Studio

Yeah Ally…Let’s celebrate babeh…and we have the best cupcakes and pastas ever at WM…xoxo!!

Wonder Milk…Best cuppies n pastas ever…;)

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