New Year, New Year…!

New Year New Year …Yeah here it comes again. 2012, the year most talked about in the last few years..the year most top predictors predicted “The End of the World”…the “Apocalypse”, where the planet “X”, the Nibiru will hit our mother Earth…etc.

Well, I do not want to dwell too much with all those mythologies and predictions. It so vague and indistinct so let’s cherish, celebrate and welcomes New Year 2012 with prays and hopes for a betterment.  May 2012 will bring peace, love, prosperous and happiness to us all…GOD Bless, amin!

The last day of 2011, 31st December …I had a great great quintuple celebrations of the day…

First, the Single- The 40th Birthday of my dear beloved King of my castle, beloved hubby Azali…started from a night before the day, we went out for a movie, Mission Impossible -The Ghost Protocol, watching my favourite actor Tom Cruise doing his superb acting…Damn! He still is the kicking ass man… What a comeback Tom!!! Was totally amazed with the back projection act at the Kremlin and the climbing acts at the Burj…*Intriguing!!!!!

MI4-The Ghost Protocol

My favorite part - Agent Hunt @ the Burj


The next morning, on the day itself, we had a 3Bs …Big Birthday Brunch, breakfast cum lunch at the Lasvacas, the all about beef restaurant nearby my place. Being a non Beef eater was kind of “ ermmm…what shall I eat here tho’ but since it was my Boo’s Big day, I have to chose something familiar…the one and only Chicken dish in the menu…The Chicken Hotdog and actually it tasted good…;-))

The Big Birthday Brunch @ Lasvacas KJ

The Birthday Boy

Second, the double – Later of the day, we visited a new born baby girl of my sweet friend Adza Emie, at the same time visited the whole family, the Adza’s, which most of them are my close friends. Unfortunately, it was a New Year Eve…most of them were getting ready for the Countdown party, so I just managed to met the parent, Emie and the baby – Baby Qamillia. She is so adorable…it’s in the family..;-)

Adza's latest addition...Baby Cammy

Killing birds with one stone, that was what we did. The Adza’s house is just opposite our uncle house, which we were invited for a function later at night. So… just nice, paid a visit first then goes to the function after.

Third, the triple – The function at my uncle house…The Wedding reception of my newlywed cousin Yeh n wife, Farah…The Yellow goldish deco, the “Kompangs”, the Foods, the karaOK…All were nice and a totally great family do !

Big Congrats Yeh & Farah, may GOD bless !

Fourth, the quadruple – Half past to New Year 2012, we left the function heading back home via the Duke, The Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway, the best highway so far that only takes approximately 10 minutes drive from Wangsamaju straight to PJ. An expressway crosses suburban areas, passing the city centre with a beautiful KL scenic views, which was the reason why lots of cars parked by the road side, securing the best spot to view  the New year fireworks countdown. Like a party by the highway it seemed!. Tempted to join but we decided to drive straight back to our final destination…Home Sweet Home !

Just in time, reached home like a few minutes before the New Year countdown, went straight to my 10th floor balcony, waited and started counting the countdown and Boom Boom Boom…!! fireworks blasted everywhere. “Happy New Year !!” we cheered, all my neighbours below, left and right joined the cheers too. It was fun enjoying the beautiful panoramic KL skyline view of New Year’s fireworks fiestas from KLCC to Sunway Pyramid with my 2 love ones from my balcony…It was Sparkling Beautiful !!

Fireworks Fiestas 2012 !

Fifth, the quintuple… The Finale of year 2011, watching my fav Gunners football match againts QPR and they have won! They won while the other two giants…MU and the Blues have lost and the Spurs derby just managed to collect 1 point  …and with that, we have climbed up to the 4th place in the Barclays Premier League Table!!..Great Job Gunners…Keep climbing…Yeahhh !!!

RVP did it again !!!

Wow ! What a great closing of year 2011 and warm welcoming of year 2012…Happy New Year all…Bless !

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Year…!

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLLL!!! so sad that we couldn’t meet.. Tried to find you at the Kenduri but cant find you hehehe.. But the nasi kenduri was AWESOME!!!!!! hope to hang out with you guys soon!!! wahhh gambar Qhamillia pun ada.. I likeeee

    • Likewise. Happy New year to you and family too…;-))
      Tried to catch up with you (before you go out to Concord) but Az & I both stuck with the host and families…tak sempat nak peek a boo to outside…( sempat jumpa ur parent, emie, Kaseh and Dahnina and baby jer )…:-(

      Anyway, we both on office break now till this weekend to settle Ally’s school stuff…maybe we can catch up as we used before kan…;-))) – nanti will text u..

      P.s…Yup, picca baby Cammy tu I borrow..(hope emie does not mind)…and btw, hows my “the AF word”…?? Still lots to learn I guess…hehehe ;-)))

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