15 days to New Year 2012…!

15 days to New Year 2012! Almost a year I have been in here by I feel like yesterday…Gosh! Time flies.

2011 almost gone and I keep asking myself…What have I done and achieved for the year? Are all my resolutions for the year completed? What am I going to do if they are not concluded? Shall I renew them and carry forward to the coming New Year? What is going to be in my new list? Is it a longer list or lesser? What is my next year’s goal?…These queries somehow will always linger in my head at this time around and  I am sure most of you out there are having these same thinking at this moment right !

Okay, Well…It is a lie to say that I have completed all my resolutions for this year but at least I did most of them…*GOD Bless…

I will not list in here which and what my last year’s resolutions that I did not manage to complete though but I want to share my new goals for 2012!

1)      To have better control of my time management – Work, Life, Love

          – Play harder, work smarter and win design awards.

          –  Live healthier, happier and leaner.

          –  More Quality Time with my two CINTAs & Family

2)      To travel abroad…Australia or Europe

3)      To revamp Interior of my Crib.

4)      To “Hijra’” and do “Umra”…with HIS Bless !

5)      To have my own Mini Cooper S

I wish 2012 will be a better year ahead…Bring it ON…Yeah!!!

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