Sweet Belated Birthday Wishes…

Overwhelmed with all warm and sweet birthday wishes from family and friends …It’s the 6th day of my Bday today n still receiving it…*Touched & Blessed!!

The sweet Bday wish from Irda,,,Thanx darlin'

The sweetest thing was…I received a belated birthday wishes from my sweet BFF, the famous local blogger and script writer…Mrs Martias, Adza Irdawati a.k.a Mak Dara via my FB and she even blogged about it too…* hugs n kisses darl…xoxo

To Irda, I do not really mind about the lateness though as for me the thought that counts. I knew and understood that you were pretty tide up with your works and  script datelines. Seriously I appreciated that really!!!

God Bless n Love you and you all….xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Belated Birthday Wishes…

  1. Heheheheehe glad you like the pictcha darll hehehe.. muahhhhhhh luvsss yaaa xoxo

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