Let’s have some SMOKED BANANAS…!

Afiey : Jom peeps, Tea Break time…let’s have some “SMOKED BANANAS” from Kelantan..!

Amoi Colleague : Owh!! “SMOKED BANANAS” !!…Apa tu???…Sedap ker??

“X” Colleague : Owh!!! I know this …It’s nice, I really like it tho”…” SMOKED BANANAS”…Yeah! I know what they call it in Malay…(Dengan confident nye this “X” jawab in Brit’s slang)… ”PISANG ROKOK”…ada betul???…*smile

Afiey :..What!!! “PISANG ROKOK”!!…NO!! It’s called “PISANG SALAI” laa….*adusss….hahaha :-P

A day during Office Tea Time…

I have called for a tea break, asked my colleagues to taste a “SMOKED BANANAS”, a traditional sweet thingy from my hometown. My amoi friend wondering what was that and out of somewhere, I’ve heard a familiar voice behind my back, confidently with a British slang…* yup, you know who aiitte !, Proudly mentioned that he knew what was that…a “SMOKED BANANAS” as in Malay “PISANG ROKOK” or “ROKOK PISANG” – direct translation, “SMOKED” = “ROKOK” !! I was like….errr!…and that’s my Boss!!!…hehehe…;P

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