I suka dia punya OUT-C*MING…!

Amoi Colleague: Owh, Saya sangat suka dia punya OUT-COMING !

Afiey : OUT-COMING?…*qulp !!

Amoi Colleague : Yeah! Sungguh colourful !

Afiey: Sungguh colourful huh? *gulp…Macam mana u tahu? Dia makan apa, sampai coloruful? *giggle ;-P

Amoi Colleague : Affieeyy!! u suungguuhh nakal laa…bukan itu OUT-C*MING! Dia punya DESIGN laa !

Afiey: Owh, design OUTCOMES kaaa…ingat kan OUT-COMING apa laa tadi…hahaha ;-D


…at work place with “Amoi” …

My Amoi friend mentioned something really…raised eyebrows stuff. She was admiring one male designer and told us that she like his “OUT-COMING”!! I was like…”Gulp!!”..Then she added.”It’s very colorful”…and I was like …double “Gulps”!! and asked her how did she knows that and what have that guy eaten ? as she knows the “OUT COMING”…”OUT CUMING” ???

Then she screamed at me…It’s not that OUT CUM-CUMing?? She meant his Design works…So, It’s his design works OUTCOMES…Now, I Know…! *wink wink  ;-P

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