Orang Bisu & BENGKAK …apa dia punya special ??

Afiey : … Sometime, a disable person ni ada speciality dia tau!

Amoi Colleague :…Ya meeh!!..Kalau itu orang Bisu & BENGKAK …apa dia punya special??

Afiey : … BENGKAK?…Orang Bisu & Bengkak yang macamana tu??

Amoi Colleague :…Ala, itu Bisu tak Bole Cakap punya…BENGKAK tu yang tak bole Dengar laa kan…!

Afiey : ...Owh, Bisu & PEKAK kaa…*Deft –Mute….Ingat kan Bengkak apa laa pulak….hehehe ;-P

…Break time with “Amoi” …

We had lunch at one of famous cafes in Solaris Mont Kiara. As usual while waiting for our food, we talked about life and stuff. Suddenly there was a guy walking with a crutch passing by and captured our eyes. We do not want to be rude but we can’t help ourselves looking at him. All of sudden, we talked about disable person and why they are special. I was kind of wondered when Amoi asked about what specialties of a person that is Bisu as is Dumb & “BENGKAK”??…hang on…”BENGKAK” as is ” SWELL” or “ENGORGE” ??? I was not so sure what she meant with that though so I asked. Then she explained that “BENGKAK” to her is actually the person who cannot hear. Only then I know what she meant by “BENGKAK”. It was actually “PEKAK” as is “DEFT” in English !! So, It is Deft &  Dumb or Deft Mute…! Duuhhhh… ;P

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