Banyak Menyanyi banyak MELARI…

Amoi Colleague : Hindi Movie sangat panjang…banyak Menyanyi banyak MELARI…

Afiey : …MELARI..?? *wondering !!

Amoi Colleague : Ya looo, MELARI  itu dancing dancing maaa ..!

Afiey : Owwwhhh…MENARI kaaa.. hehehe ;-PPP

…Lunch time with “Amoi” …

We had lunch at Mamak’s restaurant (a restaurant that owned by Muslim Indian in Malaysia). While waiting for our food, my Amoi friend suddenly talked about Hindi Movie, the Bollywood Movie. She thought that Hindi movies is very long and full with singing and stuff like…”MELARI”. I took as “MELARI” as is “RUNNING” in English, which is about right to some Hindi movies. I clarified…lots of “RUNNING”??. You would not believe what she actually meant tough !
“MELARI” for her in fact was “MENARI”  as is “DANCING”. So She meant that the Hindi movies is full with SINGING and DANCING …not “SINGING ” and “RUNING”…!!! Owhhh Goodness me … ;P

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