Ini BATANG you mau kaa..?

Amoi Colleague :…Afiey, ini BATANG you mau kaa…?

Afiey : BATANG apa ni..?? *wondering !!

Amoi Colleague :…ya la, BATANG yang tengah plan ni…you mau I kira sekali ka?

Afiey : Owwwhhh…itu TIANG kaaa…adooiii…terkejut I kejap ….hehehe ;-PPP

…another day with “Amoi” …

She was asking me whether I want the “BATANG” as in “STICK” in english. I was like…”Hmmm”…as it sounded kind of naughty in Bahasa as it’s a popular slang for male genital … a stick of intense pleasure and she asked me that ??? Whoaaa!!!
Just to make sure, I asked her back…”What “BATANG” ??? and she replied “The “BATANG” as is the “TIANG” in the layout plan. So, It was actually the “COLUMN” in the layout plan and not the “STICK” , Stick of intense pleasure … ;P

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