Black Friday…

I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the World I’m coming home…!!

“Will rock Pasir Mas soooon”…Words that kept coming out on my mind . All my beloved faces kept flashing in my eyes, mama, abah, brothers, sister, nephews and nieces. Will have a family get together for a dinner in Kota Bharu for the first time ever. I was so excited that I can’t even explain how I felt… *can’t wait ;-)))

Cruising to da East Side early Friday the 11th morning, Used the South Expresswayheading up to North from Petaling Jaya – Simpang Pulai, then to the East to Cameron Highland – Gua Musang. The traffic was okay until we reached Gua Musang town. Just about 2km after the town around 2.30pm, it started raining heavily and to make it worst one of the our car’s front tyres got burst. We have no choice to stop the car by the road side. Poor hubby that he got to change the flat tyre to a temporary tyre in a heavy rain before it get dark. I tried to help though but the only thing I can do was holding the umbrella. We stranded there about an hour…struggled and soaking wet but thank God, we managed to change the flat tyre to a temporary tyre.

The car now can move slowly with the temporary tyre, so we decided to turn back to the town to a tyre workshop to change it to a new one as we need to continue our journey. While waiting for the mechanic to change the tyre, I received a phone call from my mama and heard a bad news…”Japan just got hit by mega Earthquake and Tsunami…are guys okay ???” …I was stunned as I was about to say that we were stranded and it was rain so heavy! It must be the earthquake effects.


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