Hello World!

...After visited some of top ranked and best blogs in webs, vetted trough and read trough them…been pursued by loved ones and friends…somehow, it ticked me to have one too. I do not see why not !…Yeah! Why not!!!

In fact, I do not know why it took me ages to fix my mind to start my own personal blog as it is so simple as 123 or ABC… just write whatever you desire like writing a note or a diary. Maybe I thought writing a blog is so hype…so tacky…so ostentatious but then I enjoy reading it. Somehow, I do amazed with some bloggers who can really updates their blog a few times a day!! Not just write few words though; it is complete with pictures and stuff…Salute !!

Well, let’s give it a shot…!

Being a newbie will surely have bumpies here and there, so please bear with me with my way of writing. Spare me sometimes to get hang of it and I promise you it will be better when I get a grip of it.

Since this is the first time we meet…so let me start with a simple “HELLO”! A dish and dash intro about myself will be a good starter I guess!…*smile

Born in month of October in year 1973, in a small town in a beautiful east side country in West Malaysia…Kelantan, a land of “beauty” also known as “Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang”. Brought up in a simple family, ChineseThai-Malay Mom and Bugis-Malay Dad. Grew up with three brothers and one sister. Married and blessed with two darling princesses. Love Reading, Pilates, Yoga, dipping in the swimming pool and a die-hard fan of Arsenal Football Club..!

A 43 years old Afiey’cionada, Designnologista, Workaholic, Artdax and not to mention a Malaysian local Interior Designer, qualified in Interior Architecture and Design from University of Institute Technology Mara (UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia, a registered Professional Interior Designer of Board of Architect Malaysia (LAM) and a Corporate Member of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designer (MIID)

A Founder of a Designfightclub, SWI+CH studio, which is an Interior Design solutions and services provider, has 20 years work experience, practicing Interior Design in few leading local Interior Architecture and Design consultant firms, which known as Medium Design Group, Sunway Design – Sungei Way Group, Onion Design Sdn Bhd, Weaver Finch Design, Axis Identity Group and currently attached to SW1 Solutions Sdn Bhd as the Senior Design Manager – the SW1’s Creative Head.

She is a brave Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma Brain Tumour Warrior – 5 years diagnosed only discovered in June 2012, went trough 2 MRI tests and had an open surgery in September 2012…and she is now a brave Lady Meningioma Survivor. 

Additional to that, she is also a suave Stage 2 “Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma” Cancer Fighter – Diagnosed in December 2014…Went trough 3 biopsy tests, 3 CT scan tests and went trough 6 cycles ABVD Chemotherapy treatments then a CAT scan to conclude all…and again, with HIS bless…she is now a suave Lady Lymphoma Survivor.

Last but not least…She is a Scorpion Gunnerette that luv Mini Cooper S…!!

Alright then…done with the starter, let’s proceed with the main course shall we…! but before that you may need to know Who is the AF Who and What is the AF What it is all about…

Then, you may proceed to scroll below…

Thank you and it’s great to know you…cheers !!


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